Camera Ready Instructions

Please prepare the camera-ready version of your paper according to Springer’s instructions for LNCS authors.

The page limit is twelve (12) pages for full conference papers (for both ORAL and POSTER presentation formats) as well as special session papers, the short paper page limit is eight pages (8) and four (4) pages for demo papers. All these limits include the title page, all figures, tables and bibliography. Authors of main conference and special session papers can purchase an extra page if needed for the fee of 75€. All papers (full, short, demo or special session) must be accompanied by one full registration (Author registration & Normal registration) for MMM 2014 by the camera-submission date.

Please submit the camera-ready version before October 16th, 2013 using your Conftool MMM2014 author account. In order to publish your accepted paper, we need a .zip archive containing the following files: (please upload via Conftool):

  1. The source files (LaTeX files with all the associated style files, special fonts and eps or bib files, or Word or RTF files).
  2. The final PDF file corresponding exactly to the final sources.
  3. A scan of the completed and signed copyright form (e.g., as PDF or image). Alternatively you may also send the copyright form via FAX to +353 1 7005442. It is sufficient for one of the authors to sign the copyright form.
  4. An info file (.txt) containing
    • The name and e-mail address of the contact author who will check the proof of the paper (see below).
    • A suggestion for an abbreviated running head, if appropriate (usually only if the title spans over several lines).
    • Information about the correct representation of authors’ names, where necessary (e.g., surname in upper-case).

Our publisher uses an extra control loop to ensure that no errors have crept in during the publication process. Once data processing is finished, they will contact all corresponding authors and ask them to check their papers. We expect this to happen shortly before the printing of the proceedings. At that time your quick interaction with Springer-Verlag will be greatly appreciated.

Please note: Papers for which no camera-ready version or no full registration has been received until October 16th, 2013 cannot be included in the conference proceedings.

We look forward to welcoming you to Dublin in January 2014 for what promises to be an exciting twentieth anniversary MMM 2014 conference.