MMM 2014 Program

Date: Monday, 06/Jan/2014

  • 9:00am – 5:00pm : WMPA 2014 day 1

Date: Tuesday, 07/Jan/2014

Date: Wednesday, 08/Jan/2014

Date: Thursday, 09/Jan/2014

Date: Friday, 10/Jan/2014



Technical Programme Details (VBS)

Tuesday 7th January 2014

VBS: Video Browser Showdown
Chair: Klaus Schoeffmann
Time: Tuesday, 07/Jan/2014: 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Location: Pelican

DCU @ MMM 2014 Video Browser Showdown
David Scott1, Zhenxing Zhang1, Rami Albatal1, Kevin McGuinness1, Esra Acar2, Frank Hopfgartner2, Cathal Gurrin1, Noel E. O’Connor1 and Alan F. Smeaton1
1 Dublin City University, Ireland.
2 Technische Universitat, Berlin, Germany.

Content-based Video Browsing with Collaborating Mobile Clients
Claudiu Cobarzan, Marco A. Hudelist, Manfred Del Fabro
Alpen-Adria Universität, Klagenfurt, Austria.

Browsing Linked Video Collections for Media Production
Werner Bailer, Wolfgang Weiss, Christian Schober, Georg Thallinger
OANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Graz, Austria.

VERGE: An Interactive Search Engine for Browsing Video Collections
Anastasia Moumtzidou1, Konstantinos Avgerinakis1, Evlampios Apostolidis1, Vera Aleksic2, Fotini Markatopoulou1, Christina Papagiannopoulou1, Stefanos Vrochidis1, Vasileios Mezaris1, Reinhard Busch2, Ioannis Kompatsiaris1
1Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece. 2Linguatec Sprachtechnologien GmbH, München, Germany.

Signature-based Video Browser
Jakub Lokoc, Adam Blazek, Tomas Skopal
SIRET research group, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

NII-UIT: A Tool for Known Item Search by Sequential Pattern Filtering
Thanh Duc Ngo1,2, Vu Hoang Nguyen1, Vu Lam1,2, Sang Phan4, Duy-Dinh Le3, Duc Anh Duong1, Shin’ichi Satoh3
1University of Information Technology, VNU HCMC, Viet Nam. 2University of Science, VNU HCMC, Viet Nam. 3National Institute of Informatics, Japan. 4The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan.

Technical Programme Details (Oral Presentations)

Wednesday 8th January 2014


Welcome Address from the Chair
Time: Wednesday, 08/Jan/2014: 9:00am – 9:15am
Location: Arrol Suite

Keynote : Anil Kokaram (Google)
Chair: Noel O’Connor
Time: Wednesday, 08/Jan/2014: 9:15am – 10:30am
Location: Arrol Suite


Interactive Retrieval
Chair: Jialie Shen
Time: Wednesday, 08/Jan/2014: 11:00am – 12:20pm
Location: Arrol Suite

A Comparative Study on the Use of Multi-Label Classification Techniques for Concept-Based Video Indexing and Annotation
Fotini Markatopoulou, Vasileios Mezaris, Ioannis Kompatsiaris
ITI, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece.

Coherence Analysis of Metrics in LBP Space for Interactive Face Retrieval
Yuchun Fang, Ying Tan, Chanjuan Yu
School of Computer Engineering and Science, Shanghai University, China.

A Hybrid Machine-Crowd Approach to Photo Retrieval Result Diversification
Anca-Livia Radu1,2, Bogdan Ionescu1, Maria Menéndez2, Julian Stöttinger2, Fausto Giunchiglia2, Antonella De Angeli2
1LAPI, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania. 2DISI, University of Trento, Italy.

Visual Saliency Weighting and Cross-Domain Manifold Ranking for Sketch-based Image Retrieval
Takahiko Furuya, Ryutarou Ohbuchi
Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering, University of Yamanashi, Japan.



Multimedia Collections
Chair: Robin Aly
Time: Wednesday, 08/Jan/2014: 11:00am – 12:20pm
Location: Master Brewers Suite (MBS)

Visual Recognition by Exploiting Latent Social Links in Image Collections
Li-Jia Li1, Xiangnan Kong2, Philip S. Yu2
 1Yahoo!, USA. 2Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA.

Collections for Automatic Image Annotation and Photo Tag Recommendation
Philip J. McParlane, Yashar Moshfeghi, Joemon M. Jose
University of Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Graph-based multimodal clustering for social event detection in large collections of images 
Georgios Petkos, Symeon Papadopoulos, Emmanouil Schinas, Yiannis Kompatsiaris
ITI, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece.

Tag Relatedness using Laplacian Score Feature Selection & Adapted Jensen-Shannon Divergence
Hatem Mousselly Sergieh1,2, Mario Döller3, Elöd Egyed-Zsigmond2, Gabriele Gianini4, Harald Kosch1, Jean-Marie Pinon2
1Universität Passau, Passau, Germany. 2Université de Lyon, France. 3FH Kufstein, Austria. 4Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy.

Thursday 9th January 2014

Applications (Part 1)
Chair: Klaus Schoeffmann
Time: Thursday, 09/Jan/2014: 9:00am – 10:20am
Location: Arrol Suite

MOSRO: Enabling Mobile Sensing for Real-Scene Objects with Grid based Structured Output Learning 
Heng-Yu Chi1,2, Wen-Huang Cheng2, Ming-Syan Chen1,2, Arvin Wen Tsui3
1Academia Sinica, Taiwan. 2Research Center for IT Innovation, National Taiwan University, Taiwan. 3Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan.

TravelBuddy: Interactive Travel Route Recommendation with a Visual Scene Interface
Cheng-Yao Fu1, Min-Chun Hu2, Jui-Hsin Lai1, Hsuan Wang3, Ja-Ling Wu1
1CSIE, National Taiwan University, Taiwan. 2CSIE, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. 3Dept. of Civil Engineering, National Central University, Taiwan.

Who’s the best Charades player? Mining Iconic Movement of Semantic Concepts 
Yung-Huan Hsieh1, Shintami C. Hidayati1,2, Wen-Huang Cheng1, Min-Chun Hu3, Kai-Lung Hua2
1CITI, Academia Sinica, Taiwan. 2CSIE, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan. 3CSIE, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan.

Tell me about TV commercials of this product 
Cai-Zhi Zhu1, Siriwat Kasamwattanarote1, Xiaomeng Wu2, Shin’ichi Satoh1
1National Institute of Informatics, Japan. 2NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Japan.



Special Session “Mediadrom: Artful Post-TV Scenarios”
Chair: Thierry Dutoit
Time: Thursday, 09/Jan/2014: 9:00am – 10:20am
Location: Master Brewers Suite

Organising crowd-sourced media content via a tangible desktop application
Sema Alaçam, Yekta İpek, Özgün Balaban, Ceren Kayalar
Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

Scenarizing Metropolitan Views: FlanoGraphing the urban spaces 
Bénédicte Jacobs1, Laure-Anne Jacobs2, Christian Frisson3, Willy Yvart4, Thierry Dutoit3, Sylvie Leleu-Merviel4
1Free University of Brussels (ULB), Belgium. 2Larbits Lab, Brussels, Belgium.3Université of Mons (UMONS), Belgium. 4University of Valenciennes, France.

Scenarizing CADastre Exquisse: a crossover between snoezeling workshops in hospitals/domes, and authoring/experiencing soundful comic strips
Cédric Sabato1, Aurélien Giraudet1, Virginie Delattre1, Yves Desnos2, Christian Frisson3, Rudi Giot4, Willy Yvart5, Stéphane Dupont3, Guy Vandem Bemden3, Sylvie Leleu-Merviel5, Thierry Dutoit3
1L’Art-Chétype ASBL, Mons, Belgium. 2Université de Strasbourg, France. 3University of Mons, Belgium. 4LARAS lab, Brussels, Belgium. 5University of Valenciennes, DeVisu, France.

An interactive device for exploring thematically sorted art-works 
Aurélie Baltazar1, Pascal Baltazar1Christian Frisson2
1Arboretum SCOP, Tourcoing, France. 2University of Mons, Belgium.


Applications (Part 2)
Chair: Rami Albatal
Time: Thursday, 09/Jan/2014: 11:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Arrol Suite

An Optimization Model for Aesthetic Two-Dimensional Barcodes 
Chengfang Fang, Chunwang Zhang, Ee-Chien Chang
School of Computing, National University of Singapore, Singapore.

Live Key Frame Extraction in User Generated Content scenarios for Embedded Mobile Platforms 
Alexandro Sentinelli
STMicroelectronics, Italy.

Understanding Affective Content of Music Videos Through Learned Representations 
Esra Acar, Frank Hopfgartner, Sahin Albayrak
DAI Laboratory, Technische Universitat Berlin, Germany.



Temporal Analysis
Chair: Kevin McGuinness
Time: Thursday, 09/Jan/2014: 11:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Master Brewers Suite

Event Detection by Velocity Pyramid
Zhuolin Liang, Nakamasa Inoue, Koichi Shinoda
Dept. of Computer Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

Fusing appearance and spatio-temporal features for multiple camera tracking 
Nam Trung Pham, Karianto Leman, Richard Chang, Jie Zhang, Hee Lin Wang
Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore.

A Dense SURF and Triangulation based Spatio-Temporal Feature for Action Recognition 
Nga Hang Do, Keiji Yanai
Dept. of Informatics, The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan.

Special Session “MM Analysis for Surveillance Video and Security Applications (part 1)”
Chair: Kathy Clawson
Time: Thursday, 09/Jan/2014: 2:00pm – 3:20pm
Location: Arrol Suite

Hierarchical Audio-Visual Surveillance for Passenger Elevators 
Teck Wee Chua, Karianto Leman, Feng Gao
Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR, Singapore.

An evaluation of local action descriptors for human action classification in the presence of occlusion 
Iveel Jargalsaikhan, Suzanne Little, Cem Direkoglu, Noel E O’Connor
Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Dublin City University, Ireland.

Online Identification of Primary Social Groups 
ITI, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece.

Gait based gender recognition using Sparse Spatio Temporal Features 
Matthew Collins, Paul Miller, Jianguo Zhang
Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. 



Special session “3D Multimedia Computing and Modeling (part 1)”
Chair: Frank Hopfgartner
Time: Thursday, 09/Jan/2014: 2:00pm – 3:20pm
Location: Master Brewers Suite

Sparse Patch Coding for 3D Model Retrieval 
Zhenbao Liu, Shuhui Bu, Junwei Han, Jun Wu
Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China.

3D Object Classification Using Deep Belief Networks 
Biao Leng, Xiangyang Zhang, Ming Yao, Zhang Xiong
Beihang University, Beijing, China.

Pursuing Detector Efficiency For Simple Scene Pedestrian Detection 
De-Dong Yuan, Jie Dong, Song-Zhi Su, Shao-Zi Li, Rong-Rong Ji
Xiamen University, Xiamen, China.

Multi-view Action Synchronization In Complex Background 
Longfei Zhang1, Shuo Tang1, Shikha Singhal1,2 and Gangyi Ding1

1Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China. 2Amity University, Rajasthan, India.


Special Session “MM Analysis for Surveillance Video and Security Applications (Part 2)”
Chair: Susanne Little
Time: Thursday, 09/Jan/2014: 4:00pm – 4:40pm
Location: Arrol Suite

Perspective Multiscale Detection and Tracking of Persons 
Marcos Nieto, Juan Diego Ortega, Andoni Cortes, Seán Gaines
Vicomtech-ik4, San Sebastian, Spain.

Human action recognition in video via fused optical flow and moment features – towards a hierarchical approach to complex scenario recognition
Kathy Clawson, Min Jing, Bryan Scotney, Hui Wang, Jun Liu
University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.



Special session “3D Multimedia Computing and Modeling (Part 2)”
Chair: Havard Johansen
Time: Thursday, 09/Jan/2014: 4:00pm – 4:40pm
Location: Master Brewers Suite

Parameter-Free Inter-view Depth Propagation for Mobile Free-view Video 
Binbin Xiong1, Weimin Wu2, Haojie Li3, Hongtao Yu4, Hanzi Mao1,

1Dept. of Electronics and Information Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. 2Wuhan National Laboratory of Optoelectronics,  Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. 3School of Software, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, China. 4Library, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China.

Coverage Field Analysis to the Quality of Light Field Rendering 
Changjian Zhu, Li Yu, Peng Zhou
1Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Wuhan, China.


Friday 10th January 2014


Keynote : Sarah Massengale (Narrative)
Chair: Cathal Gurrin
Time: Friday, 10/Jan/2014: 9:30am – 10:30am
Location: Arrol Suite

3D and Augmented Reality
Chair: David Monaghan
Time: Friday, 10/Jan/2014: 11:00am – 12:20pm
Location: Arrol Suite

Exploring Distance-Aware Weighting Strategies for Accurate Reconstruction of Voxel-Based 3D Synthetic Models
Hani Javan Hemmat, Egor Bondarev, Peter H.N. de With
Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Exploitation of Gaze Data for Photo Region Labeling in an Immersive Environment
Tina Walber1, Ansgar Scherp2, Steffen Staab1
1University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany. 2University of Mannheim, Germany.

MR Simulation for Re-Wallpapering a Room in a Free-Hand Movie
Masashi Ueda, Itaru Kitahara, Yuichi Ohtabr
University of Tsukuba, Japan.

Segment and Label Indoor Scene based on RGB-D for the Visually Impaired
Zhe Wang, Hong Liu, Xiangdong Wang, Yueliang Qian
Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.



Compression & Streaming
Chair: Tingyao Wu
Time: Friday, 10/Jan/2014: 11:00am – 13:00pm
Location: Master Brewers Suite

A Framework of Video Coding for Compressing Near-Duplicate Videos
Hanli Wang1,2, Ming Ma1,2, Yu-Gang Jiang3, Zhihua Wei1,2
1Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tongji University, Shanghai, China
2Key Laboratory of Embedded System and Service Computing, Tongji University, Shanghai, China. 3School of Computer Science, Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

An improved similarity-based fast coding unit depth decision algorithm for inter-frame coding in HEVC
Rui Fan1, Yongfei Zhang1,2, Zhe Li1, Ning Wang1
1Beijing Key Laboratory of Digital Media, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing, China. 2State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems, Beihang University, Beijing, China.

Low-Complexity Rate-Distortion Optimization Algorithms for HEVC Intra Prediction
Zhe Sheng, Dajiang Zhou, Heming Sun, Satoshi Goto
Waseda University, Kitakyushu, Japan.

Factor Selection for Reinforcement Learning in HTTP Adaptive Streaming
Tingyao Wu, Werner Van Leekwijck
Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, Antwerp, Belgium.

Stixel on the Bus: An Efficient Lossless Compression Scheme for Depth Information in Traffic Scenarios
Qing Rao1, Christian Grünler1, Markus Hammori1, Samarjit Chakraborty2
1Daimler AG, Germany. 2Technical University of Munich, Germany.

A New Saliency Model using Intra-coded High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) Frames
Matthew Oakes, Charith Abhayaratne
The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom.



Special Session “Social Geo-Media Analytics and Retrieval”
Chair: Jialie Shen
Time: Friday, 10/Jan/2014: 2:00pm – 3:40pm
Location: Arrol Suite

Location-Aware Music Artist Recommendation
Markus Schedl1, Dominik Schnitzer2
1Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria. 2Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

Personalized Recommendation by Exploring Social Users’ Behaviors
Guoshuai Zhao, Xueming Qian, He Feng
SMILES Lab, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China.

Where is the news breaking? Towards a location-based event detection framework for journalists
Bahareh Heravi2, Donn Morrison1, Prashant Khare2, Stephane Marchand-Maillet3
1NTNU, Trondheim, Norway. 2Digital Enterprise Research Institute, Galway, Ireland.3University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Task-driven Image Retrieval using Geographic Information
Peixiang Dong1Kuizhi Mei1, Ji Zhang1, Hao Lei1, Jianping Fan2
1Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China. 2Northwest University, Xi’an, China.

The Evolution of Research on Multimedia Travel Guide Search and Recommender Systems
Junge Shen2, Zhiyong Cheng1Jialie Shen1, Tao Mei3, Xinbo Gao2
1Singapore Management University, Singapore, Singapore. 2XIDIAN University, China. 3Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, China.



Special Session “Multimedia Hyperlinking and Retrieval”
Chair: Benoit Huet
Time: Friday, 10/Jan/2014: 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Location: Master Brewers Suite

Average Precision: Good Guide Or False Friend to Multimedia Search Effectiveness?
Robin Aly1, Dolf Trieschnigg1, Kevin McGuinness2, Noel E. O’Connor2, Franciska De Jong1
1Human Media Interaction Group, University of Twente, The Netherlands. 2Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Dublin City University, Ireland.

An Investigation into Feature Effectiveness for Multimedia Hyperlinking
Shu Chen1,2, Maria Eskevich2, Gareth J. F. Jones2, Noel E. O’Connor1
1Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Dublin City University, Irelan. 2Centre for Next Generation Localisation, Dublin City University, Ireland. 

Mining the Web for Multimedia-based Enriching
Mathilde Sahuguet, Benoit Huet
Eurecom, Sophia-Antipolis, France.


Closing Address from the Chair
Time: Friday, 10/Jan/2014: 3:40pm – 4pm
Location: Arrol Suite

Technical Programme Details (Poster Presentation & Demonstration)

Wednesday 8th January 2014

Posters and Demonstrations
Time: Wednesday, 08/Jan/2014: 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Location: Arrol Suite

Long and Short Papers with Poster Presentation (incl. Boaster Presentations at 2pm)


Spatial Similarity Measure of Visual Phrases for Image Retrieval 
Jiansong Chen, Bailan Feng, Bo Xu
Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

Semantic based Background Music Recommendation for Home Videos 
Yin-Tzu Lin1, Tsung-Hung Tsai2Min-Chun Hu2,3, Wen-Huang Cheng2, Ja-Ling Wu1
1National Taiwan University, Taiwan. 2Academia Sinica, Taiwan. 3National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan.

Smoke Detection Based on a Semi-supervised Clustering Model 
Haiqian He, Liqun Peng, Deshun Yang, and Xiaoou Chen
Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Peking University, China.

Empirical exploration of extreme SVM-RBF parameter values for visual object
Rami Albatal, Suzanne Little
Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Dublin City University, Ireland.

Real-World Event Detection Using Flickr Images
Naoko Nitta, Yusuke Kumihashi, Tomochika Kato, and Noboru Babaguchi
Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan

Spectral Classification of 3D Articulated Shapes 
Zhenbao Liu, Feng Zhang, Shuhui Bu
Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China.

Improving Scene Detection Algorithms Using new Similarity Measures
Stefan Zwicklbauer, Britta Meixner, Harald Kosch
University of Passau, Germany.

EvoTunes: Crowdsourcing-based Music Recommendation
Jun-Ho Choi, Jong-Seok Lee
School of Integrated Technology, Yonsei University, South Korea.

Affect Recognition using Magnitude Models of Motion
Oussama Hadjerci, Adel Lablack, Ioan Marius Bilasco, Chaabane Djeraba
Laboratoire d’Informatique Fondamentale de Lille, Universit de Lille, France.

Effects of Audio Compression on Chord Recognition 
Aiko Uemura, Kazumasa Ishikura, Jiro Katto
Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

Heng Wang1, Cong Zhang1, Ruimin HU2, WeiPing Tu2, Xiaochen Wang2
1Wuhan Polytechnic University, Wuhan, China. 2National Engineering Research Center for Multimedia Software, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China.

Resource Constrained Multimedia Event Detection 
Zhen-Zhong Lan, Yi Yang, Nicolas Ballas, Shoou-I Yu, Alexander Hauptmann
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA.

Random Matrix Ensembles of Time Correlation Matrices to Analyze Visual Lifelogs 
Na Li, Martin Crane, Heather J. Ruskin, Cathal Gurrin
Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland.

Robust Image Restoration via Reweighted Low-Rank Matrix Recovery 
Yigang Peng1,2, Jinli Suo1, Qionghai Dai1, Wenli Xu1, Song Lu2
1TNLIST and the Department of Automation, Beijing, China. 2CNCERT, Beijing China.

Real-Time Gaze Estimation using a Kinect and a HD Webcam 
Yingbo Li, David S. Monaghan, Noel E. O’Connor
Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Dublin City University, Ireland.

Local Segmentation for Pedestrian Tracking in Dense Crowds 
Clement Creusot
Toshiba RDC, Kawasaki, Japan.

A Low-cost Head and Eye Tracking System for Realistic Eye Movements in Virtual Avatars
Yingbo Li, Haolin Wei, David S. Monaghan, and Noel E. O’Connor
Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Dublin City University, Ireland.

Joint People Recognition across Photo Collections using Sparse Markov Random Fields 
Markus Brenner, Ebroul Izquierdo
Queen Mary University of London, London, United Kingdom.

A Novel Approach for Semantics-enabled Search of Multimedia Documents on the Web 
Lydia Weiland, Ansgar Scherp
University of Mannheim, Germany.

User Intentions in Digital Photo Production: a Test Data Set 
Mathias Lux, Desara Xhura, Alexander Kopper
Klagenfurt University, Klagenfurt, Austria.

A Novel Human Action Representation via Convolution of Shape-Motion Histograms 
Teck Wee Chua, Karianto Leman
Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR, Singapore.

Real-time Skeleton-tracking-based Human Action Recognition Using Kinect Data 
Georgios Th. Papadopoulos, Apostolos Axenopoulos, Petros Daras
ITI, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece

Summarised presentation of personal photo sets
Nuno Datia1,2, João Moura-Pires2, Nuno Correia3
1ISEL, Instituto Politenico de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal. 2CENTRIA, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal 3CITI and DI, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal.

Learning to Infer Public Emotions from Large-scale Networked Voice Data
Zhu Ren1,2, Jia Jia1,2, Lianhong Cai1,2, Kuo Zhang3, Jie Tang1
1Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.
2TNList and Key Laboratory of Pervasive Computing, Ministry of Education, Beijing, China. 3Sogou Corporation, Beijing, China.

Approximating the Signature Quadratic Form Distance Using Scalable Feature Signatures
Jakub Lokoc
SIRET, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

A data-driven personalized digital ink for Chinese characters
Tianyang Yi, Zhouhui Lian, Yingmin Tang, Jianguo Xiao
Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Peking University, China.

Multiple Reference Frame Transcoding from H.264/AVC to HEVC
Antonio Jesus Diaz-Honrubia, Jose Luis Martinez, Pedro Cuenca
University of Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.

Personal Media Reunion: Re-Collecting Media Content Scattered over Smart Devices and Social Networks
Mohamad Rabbath1, Susanne Boll2
1OFFIS, Oldenburg, Germany. 2University of Oldenburg, Oldenburg, Germany.

Video to Article Hyperlinking by Multiple Tag Property Exploration
Zhineng Chen1, Bailan Feng1, Hongtao Xie2, Rong Zheng1, Bo Xu1
1Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. 2Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

Kinect vs. Low-cost Inertial Sensing For Gesture Recognition 
Marc Gowing1, Amin Ahmadi1Francois Destelle1, David Monaghan1, Noel O’Connor1, Kieran Moran2
1Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Dublin City University, Ireland. 2Applied Sports Performance Research, School of Health and Human Performance, Dublin City University, Ireland.

How do Users Search with basic HTML5 Video Players? 
Claudiu Cobarzan, Klaus Schoeffmann
Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt, Austria.

Rebuilding Visual Vocabulary via Spatial-Temporal Context Similarity for Video Retrieval 
Lei Wang1, Eyad Elyan1, Dawei Song2,3
1Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, United Kingdom. 2Tianjin University, Tianjin, China. 3The Open University, Milton-Keynes, United Kingdom.

Yoga Posture Recognition for Self-Training 
Hua-Tsung Chen1, Yu-Zhen He2, Chun-Chieh Hsu2, Chien-Li Chou2, Suh-Yin Lee2, Bao-Shuh P. Lin1
1Information & Communications Technology Lab, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan. 2Department of Computer Science, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.



Demonstrations (incl. Boaster Presentations at 2pm)


Folkioneer: Efficient Browsing of Community Geotagged Images on a Worldwide Scale 
Hatem Mousselly Sergieh1, Daniel Watzinger1, Bastian Huber1, Mario Döller3, Elöd Egyed-Zsigmond2, Harald Kosch1
1Universität Passau, Germany. 2Université Lyon, France. 3FH Kufstein, Austria.

Muithu: A touch-based Annotation Interface for Activity Logging in the Norwegian Premier League 
Magnus Stenhaug2, Yang Yang1, Cathal Gurrin1,2, Dag Johansen2
1Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Dublin City University, Ireland. 2University of Tromso, Norway.

FoodCam: A Real-time Mobile Food Recognition System employing Fisher Vector 
Yoshiyuki Kawano, Keiji Yanai
University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan.

The LIRE Request Handler: A Solr Plug-In for Large Scale Content Based Image Retrieval 
Mathias Lux1, Glenn Macstravic2
1Klagenfurt University, Austria. 2World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.

M3+P3+O3=Multi-D Photo Browsing 
Björn Thór Jónsson1, Áslaug Eiríksdóttir1, Ólafur Waage1, Grímur Tómasson1, Hlynur Sigurþórsson1, Laurent Amsaleg2
1CRESS and School of Computer Science, Reykjavik University, Iceland. 2IRISA-CNRS, Rennes, France.

Tools for User Interaction in Immersive Environments 
N.E. O’Connor1, D. Alexiadis2, P. Daras2, K. Apostolakis2, E. Izquierdo3, Y. Li1, D.S. Monaghan1, F. Rivera3, C. Stevens4, S. Van Broeck4, J. Wall3, H. Wei1
1Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Dublin City University, Ireland. 2ITI, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece. 3Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom. 4Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Antwerpen, Belgium.

Resic: A Tool for Music Stretching Resistance Estimation 
Jun Chen, Chaokun Wang
Institute of Information System and Engineering, School of Software, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

A Visual Information Retrieval System for Radiology Reports and the Medical Literature 
Dimitrios Markonis1, Rene Donner2, Markus Holzer2, Thomas Schlegl2, Sebastian Dungs3, Sascha Kriewel3, Georg Langs2, Henning Muller1
1University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland. 2Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria. 3University of Duisburg, Duisburg, Germany.

Eolas: Video Retrieval Application for Helping Tourists 
Zhenxing Zhang, Yang Yang, Ran Cui, Cathal Gurrin
Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Dublin City University, Ireland.