Presenter Information

There are three types of presentation at MMM 2014. Each is presented differently.

  • Oral Presentation. If you have been chosen for oral presentation, you will have a 20 minute slot to present your work. We would ask you to allocate 15 minutes to your talk and 5 minutes for questions. The Session Chair (see your schedule) will be responsible for ensuring that speakers do not overrun their timeslot.
  • Poster Presentation. The poster session will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday 8th January. We plan to begin the poster session with a boaster presentation from any participant who wishes to promote their poster. This will allow each of the poster presenters to show one slide and speak about their work for one minute in a plenary session immediately before the poster session begins. The poster boards are 1 metre square, so feel free to bring a poster at fits this size. Ideally it would be A1 sized.
  • Demonstration Presentation. The Demonstration session will be co-located with the poster session and presenters are also invited to prepare a one slide boaster presentation.  For the boasters, we will provide power, one table and a chair, along with a backdrop poster board of 1 square meter dimension. WiFi will be available. If you have any special requirements, can you let the organisers know.

We look forward to a wonderful conference. The Conference Booklet is now available for download. This will be in every attendee’s welcome pack. We also provide a quick reference guide to the conference and the conference venue.

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