Keynote Talks

We are delighted to have two wonderful and inspiring keynote speakers at MMM 2014.


Dr Anil Kokaram (Wednesday 8th January 2014 – 9:15am)

Title : Challenges in Video Ingest at YouTube

Abstract : YouTube hosts arguably the largest video repository and broadcast infrastructure existing today. With 100 hours of video ingested per min and millions of views per day there are clearly scale issues involved in the design of this large distributed system. This talk considers the video processing pipeline that contains both transcoding  and video manipulation toolsets. We show how relatively simple concepts e.g. parallel transcoding pose unexpected challenges when handling an unconstrained set of source and distribution material within a constrained bandwidth and storage system. In addition we discuss how editing operations are affected by the symbiosis with transcoding and present the technology behind video denoising and slo-motion enhancement operations that have recently been made available in YouTube.

Bio: Anil Kokaram is a Tech Lead in the Transcoder Group of YouTube managing a team responsible for various enhancement and measurement systems in the ingest pipeline. He was previously a Professor at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland where he established the Sigmedia group ( in the EE Department there working in the general area of video processing. In 2007 he was awarded a Technical Oscar together with colleagues at He moved to Google in 2011 when his startup was acquired. He was an Assoc Ed of IEEE TIP, and recently appointed Assoc Ed of IEEE Video CCts and Sys. He tries to remain active in the research community, continuing to supervise PhD students at Trinity College and recently chairing


Sarah Massengale (Friday 10th January 2014 – 9:30 am)

From Kickstarter to Shipping, the story of a multimedia tech startup.

Abstract: Lifelogging has the potential to transform our lives by both acting as a mirror in which we can see a reflection of our lives for self-improvement and by allowing our memories to become searchable and shareable. Even the time we spend with the people we love fades in our memories over time. Therefore, a lifelogging camera should be designed to be worn comfortably without intruding into life’s most precious moments and the photos should be organized and easily accessible. This is how we designed the Narrative Clip camera and app. We’ll take a look at Narrative’s journey from idea conception to getting it in the hands of the first users.

Bio: Sarah Massengale is the Communications Manager at Narrative. Her work focuses on communications, online marketing and branding strategies. Previously, she has worked with communications, marketing and customer relations in small to midsized businesses in the US and Costa Rica. She received her M.Sc. in Business Administration from Lund University and B.S. in Communications from the University of Kentucky.

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